About Us

Breaking down barriers to improve health outcomes for all.

Med Supplies Ltd. est. 1990
We are a family-owned pharmaceutical wholesaler based in the UK, with a regional office in Istanbul, Turkey. We specialise in the area of rare disease drug supply and distribution with partners in America, France, Germany, and the UK. In Turkey, we offer strategic consultancy and market access services. Our important operations deliver urgent products to assist desperately ill patients so that they can fulfil their life’s potential.

Med Supplies Ltd. pioneered the supply and distribution of unlicensed medication on a Named Patient Basis to patients in Turkey and Northern Cyprus and offer specialised service options for rare disease drug developers.

We are proud to be one of the oldest companies to operate in this market. Our longevity is a testament to our continued excellence in supporting our partners, doctors, patients, and government stakeholders. Our multi-generational team brings sage experience together with youthful enthusiasm – a successful combination to deliver outstanding service and future-facing growth.

Our partners and customers can feel secure that their interests are always maintained in an ethical and transparent manner. We are current and active members of the British Chamber of Commerce Turkey and Transparency International.

A Message From Our Founder

Med Supplies Ltd. is the vision of myself and my partner, Cathryn Ataç. After moving to the UK in the 1970s, I retained a strong connection with my Turkish homeland. Co-existing between these two countries and cultures highlighted the discrepancies in medical opportunities that existed between Turkey and Europe. We saw an opportunity to improve health outcomes.Together with our desire to break down geographical barriers, Med Supplies Ltd. was born.

Whilst much has changed in the decades that followed, our core values have remained consistent – to ensure no patient suffers due to absent medication. Our greatest accomplishment is being recognised across Turkey and within leading health organisations as a dependable, ethical, and effective trade link to Europe.

Healthcare in the rare disease market has an exciting and dynamic future ahead. With 30+ years of excellent service, we look forward to Med Supplies Ltd. further cementing our reputation, in addition to seeking out innovative avenues to break down barriers, offering universal health opportunities in Turkey and across Europe.

H.M. Ataç